Dolly's Place



Motivated by Dolly’s favourite shade of blue, as well as her personal passion to contribute to a working solution for preventing bullying, Belinda shares the vision of Dolly’s Dream to facilitate positive change for other young lives.
Belinda’s painting was immensely loved at Royal Easter, so she decided to donate a large framed giclee reproduction for the “Dreaming under the Stars” live auction fundraiser in Katherine, NT held on June 1, 2018.

The inclusion of "Dolly's Place" in the Auction triggered great interest in Belinda's work, certainly sparking a buzz amongst guests as they mingled on the lawn under a moonlit night. It sold for over $6,000, an incredible donation for Dolly's Dream.

Belinda has now authorised giclee reproductions for sale direct and online to the public, with 10% of the profit being donated back to Dolly's Dream.  The fine art giclee reproduction  has been endorsed by Dolly’s Dream and their logo has been positioned on the artwork.



Belinda Williams created this piece to honour and remember Dolly who tragically took her own life in January this year.

Amy “Dolly” Everett was the victim of relentless cyber and schoolyard bullying, and ended her young life at just 14 years of age. Dolly’s Dream has been established by her family and friends in her memory.

Dolly’s Dream will work to create positive change and help prevent the lives of other children being lost, and act as a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Dolly’s Dream will:

• Raise awareness in communities, children and parents about the serious issue of bullying and its devastating effects

• Work to prevent and address Bullying issues in the community

• Deliver information on ways to mitigate bullying, including cyber bullying, within school communities and to those in need

• Change cultures in the community to prevent bullying, and

• Support victims of bullying




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Belinda's Story

" Ever since Dolly’s tragic passing, there is not a day that has gone past that I have not had her, and her family and friends, in my thoughts.
Dolly - just like my Father, taking his life on the land. Here one day, gone the next.
My Dad passed when I was fourteen, and ever since,  I have looked for a suitable  charity to support.  I have now found it.   Dolly’s Dream.

I planned my paintings for the entirety of this year's Royal Easter Show, and on the first three I painted for Dolly.  With befriending Linda, Dolly’s G’Ma, Linda was able to guide me that Dol also loved pinks and aqua, so I teamed favourite colours to  create ‘Dolly’s Place’.

Everyone was drawn to the painting, visitors wanting to stop and talk to me about it, so that the Show was extra special this year, with having Dol’s blue painting by my side, and in starting conversations around the anti-bullying message. 

For those who know my earthy, outback inspired style of work, it was a natural progression for me to recreate the special place for a girl, not unlike myself,  who had the privilege of growing up down the paddock, pitching in, and doing our bit.  Dolly  was a true representation of the outback. 

With so many people making enquiries about ‘Dolly’s Place’, and expressing a desire to share Dol's message in their own homes, and amongst their family and community,  I decided to find a way to share Dol's special Place.